Surkshit Nivesh Yojana-Phase 2| ATTENTION REGISTRATION OPEN !!!! दिल्ली में अपनी दुकान बुक करें *** 33 % कोटा महिलाओं एवं वरिष्ठ नागरिकों के लिये आरक्षित है। *** UNIT Allocation DATE & TIME 23-06-2024 16:00:00 *** LAST DATE & TIME OF APPLICATION 20-06-2024 23:59:00 *** Registration Amount is Fully Refundable for Unsuccessful Applicants Within 30 Days

Terms & Conditions

Only Indian Residents / Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)/Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) who are competent to enter into contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1881 shall be eligible to apply.

The Applicant shall be responsible to comply with all the statutory compliances as required from time to time under the applicable laws prevailing in India including the laws applicable to NRIs/PIOs. The Company shall not be liable for the same in any manner whatsoever.

The online payment made herein is subject to the rules and regulations of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as well as the rules and regulations framed by VISA/MasterCard / American Express Card or any other card or any other card organization applicable and prevailing from time to time.

The said payment is subject to the risks involved in any Electronic Payment Transactions including due to any technical failure in the payment gateway operations and the Company shall not be liable/responsible for any failure of such payment transactions or for any amounts debited from the Applicant account but not credited to the account of the Company due to any technical error in settlement or otherwise. Applicant shall not have any claims against the Company for such transactions. Wherever possible, the Company will inform the Applicant about such failed transaction and refund, if any, due to the Applicant shall be processed via payment gateway.

The said payment is merely a Provisional Registration Fees towards expressing interest for allotment of commercial space via lot of draw and by virtue of said payment no right, title, interest or claim of any nature is created in any unit.

For all successful allotees shall have to submit 10% of Total Sales Consideration along with Application Form within 5 days. From the date of Draw of Lots.

For all unsuccessful applicants, they may willingly remain in waiting list for a period upto 60 days from first Draw of Lot or may apply for refund of registration fees. Company will refund the shade registration fee within 30 days from the date of receipt of such refund application.

In case of successful applicant fails to submit the 10% of Total Sales Consideration along with Application Form within 5 days after being successful allotment via Draw of lot, the registration fess submitted by the applicant shall be forfeited and the same unit shall be allotted to next intending applicant under the waiting list in accordance with terms & conditions.

Any sort of communication regarding cancellation / refund request by successful allotees / there Family & Relatives will not be entertained or consider under any circumstances and registration fees of such successful allotees will be forfeited

The Applicant shall be required to submit the signed Application Form and other requisite documents. Post submission of the mentioned documents, allotment shall be done subject to the Applicant making payment of the consideration value and other charges in accordance with the Application Form (as per the selected payment plan) and complying with the terms and conditions contained therein.

The detailed terms & conditions will be contained in the application form / allotment agreement which will be binding on all successful allotees The payment of provisional booking fees is not creating any sort of rights or interest in anyone favor except money tendered with your company unless the application form is signed by successful allotees and 10% of Total Sales Consideration is deposited and once application form is signed and complete booking amount is deposited with in prescribed time period as mentioned above.

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The Project is under PPP scheme with DDA and the same is registered with Real Estate Regulatory of NCT of Delhi vides registration no.DLRERA2018P0013 dated 26.06.2018, PR/RERA/2018/3886 Dated: 16/12/2022. Sanction building plan no. CA/BP/0062/19-20 (11 October 2019). Approvals can be checked at the Company's or RERA’s website or at our office. The image shown here is pictorial conceptualization and actual may differ. The information and contents provided herein are subject to change within the provisions of Act and norms. This is neither an offer nor an investment advice nor an inducement or invitation for payment of any advance and/or deposit. It is just information about the project. The right of customers will be limited to undivided ownership rights in unit and pro rata common areas while lease rights will remain pre assigned. This project is charged to EARC (Edelweiss Assets Reconstruction Company Limited). Please carefully read and peruse all terms and conditions, specifications and payment plans in the Application Form as well as locations, sanctions, permissions, Delhi RERA registration conditions, intimations, applications and clearances before tendering your booking.” It is further abundantly clarified that by participating, you consent to the inclusion of your A-grade Future Revenue Generating property in the SM REIT scheme. You'll receive units in proportion to your property allotment and income distributions per SEBI (REIT) Regulations as may be amended from time to time and subject to applicable approvals. 1 Hectare = 2.471 Acres = 4840 Square Yards or 4046.856 Square Meters; 1 Square Yard = 0.8361 Square Meter; 1 Square Meter- 10.764 Square Feet.

The information and visuals presented on this website, including brand logos, are for illustrative purposes only and subject to change. For the latest information on confirmed tenants and available retail space, please contact us directly.